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HOW TO Scallop acrylic template – #1


So many gorgeous layered looks can be created with these simple, acrylic scalloped templates. 3 sizes available caters for every size cake to proportion. These are so simple to cut using a scalpel, at first I was concerned, but after cutting my first, it was super easy, with a wonderful, clean, sharp edge. TIP – when cutting your fondant, hold your scalpel more upright, than on an angle, this way you can manoeuver you blade in and out of the scallops with ease. I hope you find this tutorial informative and exciting, to create a masterpiece of your own.


STEP 1 – Roll out your fondant as thin as you like your scallops to be. I roll out on The Mat which is non-stick so I do not need to use cornflour to prevent any sticking. Once I have rolled my desired thickness, I careful transfer to a piece of baking paper to cut my shapes (so I do not damage my Mat with the scalpel)

TIP – the thinner your fondant is, the easier and more effective your ruffling effect looks, but be aware the thinner it is, certainly the more delicate it is.


STEP 2 – Cut your desired scallop size (3 sizes available) to suit the size of your cake or the look you are going for. For this You can see one side is scalloped and the other straight, so you can simply run your scalpel all the way around for the perfect scallop strip. We have created what we think, the perfect thickness for layering ruffles or even frilling, but you can certainly trim it narrower or make it wider to suit the cake look you are wanting.


When you have rolled out your fondant, trim the top to create a straight edge, cut your first scallop strip and then repeat always by cutting yourself a straight edge first to ensure it is an even strip.

I like to cut a few scallop strips at a time and place between my mat to prevent them from drying out, however I would only do about 4 or so, as the longer the fondant sits, the drier it gets, so ruffling drying edges will crack. If that is the look you are going for, then go for it!


STEP 3 – I may have a few strips cut and ready waiting between The Mat, but I only ruffle one strip at a time and apply it, then repeat the next. This aids in keeping the fondant workable and if I placed between he mat, the ruffles will squash.

TIP – Using your ball tool and modelling pad, ruffle the scalloped edges. To do this, place half of the ball tool on the fondant and half on the modelling pad. I start from one side and with a little pressure, ball it to the centre. Then I do the same from the left of the scallop to the centre, giving the ruffle effect. If you apply too much pressure, you may tear the fondant.


STEP 4 – With this ruffle effect, I start from the bottom and work to the top. Using these exact same scallop templates, you can create a variety of different looks, which I will show you in another ‘how to’.



STEP 5 – Using a small amount of sugar glue, brush the area that you want the ruffled strip to adhere to. You do not need a lot of glue, so do not over apply.


STEP 6 – Carefully pick up your ruffled strip and begin placing around your cake. I place each scallop in between the scallops on the row beneath, which covers and layers beautifully. The space you leave between layers is completely up to you, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

When adding another ruffled strip on the same row to cover the circumference of the cake, simply glue in place directly next to the edge. The scallop in the next layer with neatly cover any joins in the fondant.


STEP 7 – After I have placed a couple of scallop rows, before the fondant is too rigid, I use my tool or glue brush to ‘pucker’ any ruffles to make it look fuller. These will dry nicely in place.


STEP 8 – Continue the same process all the way to the top of the cake. You can finish it off in a variety of ways. I just finished this design ensuring the fondant straight edge worked neatly around the top of the cake. You could also trim with ribbon, fondant or sugar pearls or other decorative trims.

Using these acrylic scallop templates make light work in creating such an effective look. 3 sizes, you’ve got multiple designs covered! Below are pics of cakes all using the scallop templates. The creative process is now up to you. The white one is using the straight sides only. How wonderful to have multiple uses ! The aqua flowers are even made using the scalloped templates, I’ve simply cut a scallop and rolled it around a ball of fondant!!

I hope you have enjoyed this short how to and plan to have a try of our new acrylic scallop templates. I look forward to seeing some photos. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact CutterCraft anytime 🙂