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Royal Icing (using egg white powder)

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1 kg pure icing sugar

22gms egg white powder.

150ml TOTAL of water and lemon juice (OR vanilla OR almond) 


Place all ingredients in your mixer. Mix on slow for one minute so mix combines without puffs of icing flying everywhere. Turn up to a medium speed for about 4 minutes till combined and plump. The ideal stiff icing looks fluffy

Additional Notes

Do not over mix. Adding too much air in it causes quicker separation with your coloured mix.

You are looking for a stiff consistency. You are looking for a thick mix, peaks and holds its own shape completely.

If your icing has big, hard lumps, try to break these up a little to ensure they are mixed well.

You can sift your icing, but a quicker method is to blitz it in your food processor to break up any big lumps.

Your icing is white, but when piped on cookies, they can draw the butter in resulting in a yellow tinge after a few days. To avoid this add a few drops of white food colouring to your icing and it will be bright white.

Try to use colourless flavours. If using vanilla extract you will notice it is a brown colour. Add some white food colouring to your batch of icing while mixing to eliminate a discolouration. I recommend Americolor or ChefMaster.( A range of colours also available to purchase on our website)

Many colours are available and they produce strong, vibrant colours. Royal Icing highlighted with dusting powders or air brushed when dried creates amazing character to your work.

Do not leave Royal Icing in open air as it will begin to crust.

Royal Icing can be stored on the bench for about a week and in the fridge for longer.

You can freeze Royal Icing up to 3 months. Place in an air tight container and lay glad wrap on the top of the icing that it is touching. This will eliminate any surface crusting while being frozen. When you want to use it, take it out to thaw before using it. Mix it thoroughly and use as normal.

Using a fan or dehydrator, the results, when dried are smooth with a matte to satin finish.

Download Printable Recipe