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CutterCraft cake edge trim cutting rings in action by Bakelapse

Sizes ~ Available in 5″- 12″ sizes as a set to save you money or also sold separately. Each trim ring is actually 1/2″ smaller than your standard baking tin to allow for ganache or buttercream coatings, using your ganache boards to level and even. To see full range and details click here

Timesavers ~ Revolutionary in speeding up your decorating process in the kitchen. Fully handmade, resuable, over 2″ high with a very important safety edge, and designed with strength to with stand the pressure and not bend out of shape.

Method ~ Our handmade cake trimming rings eliminate the need to crumb coat and trim the cakes hard edges/sides, freehand. Simply torte your cake to desired thickness layer/s and trim using your cake ring. It’s as easy as that! Fill your layers, stack and begin your coating processes, without ever having to hand trim your cake edges again.

Cakes ~ Works ideal for all mud and dense cakes without fuss or crumbs. For softer lighter cakes like a sponge you will find the cut may crumble the sides a little as it has less structure. To compensate trimming a cold cake is best. If your cake does crumb a little, your crumb coat will fix this.

IMPORTANT ~ Care for your cake rings. Clean with a damp cloth, and dry with a tea towel or hand towel immediately after, Ensure your cake trim rings are completely dry and they will last forever. You can oil cutters with cooking oil or butter if you wish, but generally the butter from your cakes is protection enough. Store in an air tight container in a dry location. Do not immerse in water or leave wet as they will tarnish. Will not effect use, but will effect look.

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