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Vanilla Cookie Recipe

An absolutely delicious recipe that has the perfect flavour balance when using royal icing! These cookies are not as sweet as a sugar cookies, The texture and taste is verging on the shortbread family side. An easy recipe to work with, easy to bake and will make your taste buds dance every time ! Download Printable Recipe

The Very Erin Cookie Recipe ~ no chill, no spread ~

The name, you ask? Well my sweet as friend Erin Burch (cookiezbyerin) adjusted, played and created this very special recipe, because in her words…I’m lazy…I just want to plonk it all together and have a delicious taste….and wallah! Here it is ! She has been so incredibly kind to share it with you all! So, […]

Royal Icing (using fresh egg whites)

Royal icing (RI) is for decorating amazing cookies or piping gorgeous sugar decorations. Although, there are many ways to make royal icing, I wanted to use ingredients readily available to the home baker with as little waste as possible. So, I decided to always make a double cookie dough batch and double RI batch, however this can […]

Shortbread Biscuits

I have been using this recipe for years. It makes the most delicious, flavoursome shortbread. Nothing tastes better than when it comes straight out of the oven. Bake it in a wheel with snap marks or into bite size shapes. Sprinkle caster sugar over the dough before baking to further enhance the taste! Download Printable […]