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HOW TO Carnation Flower Tutorial

This easy to make carnation, is a load of fun to make and feels very rewarding when complete. You can experiment many ways, to create it to be rough ruffled as I have done or more delicate ruffled. Add it to your cupcakes and would also make a beautiful topper for a cookie!



I cut all my discs together and placed them in glad wrap to stop them completely drying out, and was happy to have the edges a bit dry for extra character, but if you want no cracks or slits in your finished flower, then maybe only cut your fondant discs a couple at a time.

Gumpaste is fondant with a added hardening agent, like CMC or tylose. It allows you to thin and ruffle the edges much thinner and create more delicate looking petals, than plain fondant, however it is not necessary. I have used gum paste for this flower, but would work also using just fondant.


Step 1- Using your starter kit round cutter, cut 9 circles in fondant, gum paste or modelling clay. 5 thick and 4 thin. The thickness you choose depends on how large you would like your flower to be. This is the same idea as using 2 different sized cutters, but here we will achieve the same result using one.


Step 2- Cover you fondant discs in glad wrap to avoid them drying out too fast. Using your ball tool and your foam modelling pad, thin the first disc to desired size.


Step 3- Cut a few slits in the edges around the circle, using a knife or your straight edge cutter. This is not necessary, however I am trying to achieve the rough edge look with this flower. If you want it cleaner looking, simply skip this step.


Step 4- Using a toothpick, roll it back and forward onto the circle and it will start to ‘frill’. If you break through or cut the edge, do not worry, it will either be covered by the layers or will just add more character. TIP- I do this step close to the edge of my work surface, so I can keep the toothpick flat as possible. You will find what is comfortable for you.


Step 5- Repeat these steps for the 5 thicker fondant discs. Making each one a TINY bit smaller than the one before. This will then create the rounded effect of the carnation we are looking for. It is also fine to make them exactly the same, it will still look very effective, just a bit larger.


Step 6- When steps 1-5 are complete, add a small amount of sugar glue just in the centre and place them all on top of each other.


Step 7- Using your toothpick, you can position and pull the layers apart to give it more life, making it look fuller. You can always add more layers instead if you wish.


Step 8- Take 2 of the thinner fondant discs and do the same to them, thin them, cut the edges and ruffle them, this time keeping them a bit smaller, so they fit nicely into your layered stack.


Step 9- Add a touch of sugar glue, and lay the first, then the second onto your flower stack. You can now see it is larger at the base and comes in as you get to the top. You will see the edges will curl in a bit because of all the ruffles. That is the look you are wanting.


Step 10- Take your last 2 fondant discs and do exactly the same method as all the others, but with a couple of extra things added to finish it off.


Step 11- When you have finished ruffling the edges, add a tiny bit of glue in the centre only, and fold in half. I like to off centre it to give it a litter more character, but you can be exact if you wish.


Step 12- Taking your half ruffled discs, roll one end in which makes a small bouquet look. You can even roll one half into the centre and roll the other end the other way into the centre (top view looks like the letter S) It is completely your choice as each way looks as good as the other.


Step 13- Using your straight edge trim the bottom off so they are not as high, as this will now become the top of you carnation.


Step 14- Glue into place and again use your toothpick or even you knife tool to plump, adjust and position your layers until you are happy. This view is only using one extra disc for the centre.


Step 15- Or using the 2 discs glue one in half the top area and the other placed directly next to it. Using the 2 seems to make it look more fuller.


Step 16- The carnation on the left is using one ruffled disc in the top. The right hand one has 2 ruffled discs, this is my favourite.

There you have it! I hope you enjoy having a go and please send me pictures, I’d love to see them 🙂