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Vanilla Cookie Recipe

An absolutely delicious recipe that has the perfect flavour balance when using royal icing! These cookies are not as sweet as a sugar cookies, The texture and taste is verging on the shortbread family side. An easy recipe to work with, easy to bake and will make your taste buds dance every time ! Download Printable Recipe

The Very Erin Cookie Recipe ~ no chill, no spread ~

The name, you ask? Well my sweet as friend Erin Burch (cookiezbyerin) adjusted, played and created this very special recipe, because in her words…I’m lazy…I just want to plonk it all together and have a delicious taste….and wallah! Here it is ! She has been so incredibly kind to share it with you all! So, […]

CutterCraft cake edge trim cutting rings in action by Bakelapse

Sizes ~ Available in 5″- 12″ sizes as a set to save you money or also sold separately. Each trim ring is actually 1/2″ smaller than your standard baking tin to allow for ganache or buttercream coatings, using your ganache boards to level and even. To see full range and details click here Timesavers ~ […]

HOW TO 3D handmade birdhouse

Gorgeous Birdhouses decorated using different window shapes (Circle, heart, star or flower) Step 1 – Pipe a line of stiff royal icing on the inside of both front walls and also along the base line (see white lines in pic) Alt the same time pipe a line of icing along the base of the side […]

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HOW TO Santa Sleigh Gingerbread House

Make your own gorgeous Santa sleigh gingerbread house for the festive season and fill with your favourite lollies! It’s simple 🙂 You can decorate your house with royal icing after you have glued it together, but with this set above, I decorated each piece and then glued together when all the cookies pieces were dried. I prefer to […]

Cookie Decorating Starter Classes

CutterCraft Cookie Decorating Starter Classes – with Royal Icing Dahna from CutterCraft will teach you the art of Cookie Decorating. In this hands on class you will learn how to decorate cookies using royal icing and different techniques with handy tips, using simple and delicious recipes. Loads of learning, practicing, decorating, laughs and meeting new friends. Included […]

HOW TO Video Tutorial Scallop acrylic templates Set of 3

  A simple video to show you how to quickly cut out your desired scallop size and also ruffle (frill) the edges using a ball tool and modelling pad. All products available at CutterCraft. Please also see our 2 different picture tutorials with full instructions, showing you different ways to use these marvellous templates. Click […]

HOW TO Brush embroidered love heart cookies

  What a wonderful creation for wedding favours, christenings or just to impress! I hope you all try it once you see how easy it is and I’d love you to post your creations on my FB page too 🙂 The result may look like ‘rocket science’, but it is clever and simple…I just had a […]

HOW TO Scallop acrylic template – #2

Using the medium acrylic scallop template for this 10″ cake was a breeze to create…and very enjoyable, not to mention creating it ombre style, made for it extra lovely.

HOW TO Scallop acrylic template – #1

So many gorgeous layered looks can be created with these simple, acrylic scalloped templates. 3 sizes available caters for every size cake to proportion. These are so simple to cut using a scalpel, at first I was concerned, but after cutting my first, it was super easy, with a wonderful, clean, sharp edge. TIP – when […]

HOW TO Chevron pattern acrylic template

Now you too can create your own chevron decorated cake or cookie! A dual sided chevron acrylic template, small and large with the ability to make each chevron strip as thick or as thin as you like. Yes, that’s right 2 different chevron sizes on the same template, plus with this comes a straight edge cutter to […]

HOW TO Mini gingerbread house

Make your own gorgeous mini gingerbread house for the festive season or high tea! It’s simple 🙂 You can decorate your house with royal icing after you have glued it together, but with this set above, I decorated each piece and then glued together when all the cookies pieces were dried. I prefer to decorate each piece […]

HOW TO Fantasy flower using peony cutter set

About 6 months or more ago, I watched a tutorial (twice) of the amazing Paul Bradford Sugar School wiring petals making a gorgeous fantasy flower. I have used what I saw to have a play myself. I have not watched any other tutorials or spent hours on the internet looking how to make them, I […]

HOW TO Video Tutorial Frangipani and bonus cute flowers

This is for those who have purchased a CutterCraft starter cupcake kit. It is a short video of how to make a few extra cute flowers using your kits, with a different technique of using the tools. I find I use this technique more and more to create more details in each flower. Now, with […]

HOW TO Carnation Flower Tutorial

This easy to make carnation, is a load of fun to make and feels very rewarding when complete. You can experiment many ways, to create it to be rough ruffled as I have done or more delicate ruffled. Add it to your cupcakes and would also make a beautiful topper for a cookie!